Tour Panorámico por la International Space Station

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Just before ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti left the International Space Station after 199 days, she took up to 15 pictures inside each module. Now, the images have been stitched together to create this interactive panorama.

These panoramas offer a snapshot of the International Space Station as it was in June 2015, after moving the Leonardo storage module to a new location.

Explore the modules and zoom in to see more detail. Use the map or the arrow icons by the module hatches to move to another section. You can explore every part of the Space Station except the Russian modules for now – the complete Station will be available later this year.

Click on the ‘play’ icons to watch Samantha explain or demonstrate an item, and click on the ‘text’ icons for web articles.

Finally, we recommend exploring in a full screen to do justice to this immersive interactive panorama.

The tour was improved by the assistance of Thomas Rauscher in Vienna, Austria, who helped to stitch the images together for some modules.

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